Accident Analysis & Prevention (AAP)


Chair: First Officer Christian Antoniak
Vice Chair: First Officer Stuart Beveridge


The AAP Committee ensures that safety investigation activities result in the development of prevention strategies that contribute to improved levels of safety. To achieve this, the Committee assesses the timely publication of final reports of accidents and their compliance with ICAO Annex 13, monitors the implementation of any safety recommendations, identifies and communicates unsafe trends and actively promotes the development of non-punitive safety programmes.

Terms of Reference

  • Ensure that AusALPA Flight Crew members involved in an accident or incident are provided with independent advice and representation by qualified AAP representatives.
  • Ensure Member Associations have a relevant and current Emergency Response Plan and that it is trialled annually.
  • Liaise with external organisations such as the ATSB, CASA and RAPAC on AAP matters.
  • Provide independent advice and representation on safety matters to Company Safety Departments.
  • To improve the quality and reporting rate by flight crew of hazards, incidents and accidents.
  • Monitor safety concerns in the aviation industry and their perceived impact on Flight Crew through immediate feedback and ongoing education.
  • Provide regular updates to AusALPA members on aviation accident, incident and hazard trends.
  • Review the ATSB-AIPA Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), and when implemented, its successive AusALPA MoU, including recommending to the ATSB the assignment of AAP representatives to assist the ATSB as required.
  • Facilitate IFALPA Aircraft Accident Investigator (AAI) accreditation and ongoing education of AAP representatives.
  • Support IFALPA AAP Committee’s Mission, including active participation in the Committee’s work. Ensure ongoing AusALPA representation at IFALPA AAP meetings, as well as appropriate forums such as ASASI, PACDEFF & Safeskies.
  • Contribute to the development of State and industry standards, practices, procedures and associated matters with regard to AAP.
  • Contribute to the development, implementation and proper use of Just Culture safety programmes.
  • Formulate and administer AusALPA AAP policies and guidance material.
  • Nominate AusALPA members for outstanding contributions to safety to IFALPA.