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Safety & Technical Update

The Safety and Technical (S&T) Team continues to participate in many forums and undertake activities to ensure that high safety standards are maintained in Australia and, through IFALPA, globally. The following is a brief outline of some of the current issues with which your Safety and Technical Committee has been engaged.

Low Vis Operations in Sydney

Only a few years ago, fog at Sydney Airport would have resulted in mass diversions to Brisbane, Canberra and even Melbourne. So what has changed, enabling most aircraft to land in low visibility conditions?

Your Voices Heard at the IFALPA ADO Committee Meeting

On 5 June 2019, 33 IFALPA committee members from all over the world, including observers from Airbus and Embraer, and the IFALPA Executive Vice-President Technical & Safety Standards, converged in Bangkok to discuss current issues and develop positions of influence in our ever-evolving industry.

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Screening at Airports: Present & Future

The fundamental reason why passenger screening activities have become more stringent in recent years is in direct response to the assessed prevailing threat level that applies to commercial aviation.

Understanding Go Arounds

A go around is an important control to prevent aviation accidents during the critical approach and landing phase of flight. Understanding the precursors to go around, including those associated with unstable approaches, can reveal important insight on the key safety threats and risks that pilots may face when operating into an airport.

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