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Safety & Technical Update

The Safety and Technical (S&T) Team continues to participate in many forums and undertake activities to ensure that high safety standards are maintained in Australia and, through IFALPA, globally. The following is a brief outline of some of the current issues with which the Safety and Technical Committee has been engaged.

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A SNOWTAM for Cairns? An Introduction to the Global Format Reporting

SNOWTAM issued for Cairns... is this a result of global warming? The answer is “No”! It is because of the introduction of the Global Format Reporting (GRF) which will replace the present system of reporting runway conditions from November 2021.

Shopping Centres More Important Than Aviation Safety

Australia’s Professional Pilots respond to the ATSB investigation update into the approval process for Bulla Road Precinct at Essendon Fields Airport

Blowing in the Wind: The Introduction of New Runways and Implementation of PBN Enhancements

With the impact of COVID-19, you may feel that there is no good aviation news “blowing in the wind”. This is far from the case, with two new runways about to be opened in Australia, increasing capacity, whilst the proposed standardisation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) approach naming, and other...

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