Aerodrome Ground Environment (AGE)


Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair: Martin Smith

Role & Mission Statement

The Aerodrome and Ground Environment (AGE) Portfolio aims to ensure compliance and align the regulations where possible, with ICAO Annex 14, and those associated recommended practices and standards, notwithstanding the policies and procedures recommended by IFALPA.

The Portfolios scope covers all aspects pertaining to operations within and around an aerodrome, compliance with ICAO standards and recommended practices (SARPS), whilst ensuring safety is paramount.

The AGE Portfolio oversees the delegation and operation of representatives, both at home and abroad. AGE representatives participate in Local Runway Safety Teams and industry forums while advocating ICAO and IFALPA Annex 14.

The AGE Portfolio provides an opportunity to AusALPA representatives to partake in constructive debate, and the sharing of both information and mental models for the advocation of a safe operating environment.

AusALPA maintains an active role within the global pilot body, IFALPA, allowing the AGE Portfolio direct access to the international body, ICAO, where policies and procedures are conceptulised. This interaction enables the two way flow of communication, with the aim of improving and evolving aviation practices and standards.


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pilots association union

pilots association union