Security/Dangerous Goods (SEC/DG)


Chair: Vacant
Vice Chair: Rob Herweynen

Core Activity (Security)

To improve the protection and safety of our members against acts of unlawful interference perpetrated on the ground or inflight.

Additional Activities

  • To develop policies, consistent with Australian and international baseline security measures, concerning all aspects of aviation security, including but not limited to:    

    • actively supporting the concept that members, and airline pilots in general, are an integral part of the aviation security environment;

    • supporting the dignity of members and of the airline pilot profession more widely during interactions with the aviation security environment;

    • improving the concessions and privileges afforded to members and the airline pilot profession in the aviation security environment; and

  • To take action to resolve problems that members experience whilst interacting with the aviation security environment.

  • To provide expert advice on all security issues to the Executive Board, other Portfolios and interested external parties.

  • To contribute to the development of relevant Australian legislation and associated guidance materials.

  • To review new developments and technical solutions in the field of aviation security.

Mission (Dangerous Goods)

The Dangerous Goods Portfolio promotes the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air. Articles and substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment are regulated as dangerous goods, and may be carried safely only when properly declared, packaged, labelled, and when the Pilot in Command is notified. AusALPA seeks to maintain the highest regulatory standards for the transport of declared dangerous goods, as well as preventing undeclared dangerous goods from being carried on aircraft.


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